Engage Rowlands Pharmacy

"En-gage® allows us to
control content to suit
geographic locations and
clusters. The system is
extremely reliable and we
could not be happier with it."

Joe Broadhurst, Digital Signage Manager, Rowlands Pharmacy

The Brief

Rowlands Pharmacy is a leading pharmacy chain with over 500 branches located throughout the United Kingdom.

Rowlands had looked for a partner to deliver a digital signage project for two years and found that no single party could provide all elements of the solution they required.

In 2008, Rowlands contacted and briefed the En-gage® team to create a digital signage solution that would:

The Outcome The En-gage® solution is now installed in over 70% of Rowland's 500 branches. Sales data has confirmed that stores with screens experience a sales uplift of up to 54% for advertised products and services compared to those stores without the screens.

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