Frequently Asked Questions about En-gage and digital signage

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Do you have to have IT knowledge to operate the En-gage® system?

No, it has been built so that it can be easily used by anyone, the training we provide is also very extensive so you’ll be up and running in no time!

Is it possible to split the screens so you can communicate multiple messages?

Yes the screens can be split in a number of ways so that you can communicate several messages and content at the same time.

Can the En-gage® solution work on any number of sites and in any location?

Yes the system can work in one location and up to as many multiple locations as you need.

How will I know if any of my players are not working?

We have a 99.9% live rate on our systems, but your dashboard will show a faulty sign if an individual player is not working.

Does the hardware come with a warranty?

Yes all our hardware has a three-year warranty.

Will there be any disruption during the installation of En-gage®?

We minimise any disruption by installing at a time that is convient to you and our installation team are extremely tidy.

What happens to the screen if for some reason broadband connection is lost?

That’s not a problem. The screens are designed to keep on playing the content until the broadband returns. The player regularly checks in for new content.

What happens if there is a power cut? How does the sound come on at the same level?

The En-gage® speakers are designed to reset themselves to the same sound levels as before a power cut. You can also adjust the sound using the dashboard.

Why has En-gage® been so successful?

Because it is cost effective to set up, it has been proven to communicate information in a more informative way, and it has substantially increased the sales at national retailers.

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